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Watson is an amazing talent and fell way to far in his draft class. He may not have fallen as far as Tom Brady, but he’ll be better than him soon.

OK so first thing, I gotta apologize for being a little late this week on posting. I was in Montana visiting family and decided to take a little break compared to my normal week. But there is some good news with that: I’ve had a little more time to think about my thoughts this week.

Deshaun Watson

What Watson did against the Atlanta Falcons is no surprise. He is one of the most legendary college quarterbacks of all time. It’s only a matter of time until he becomes one of the best NFL QBs of all time.

If it wasn’t obvious already, Deshaun Watson is my guy. I watched the guy the year that he led Clemson to a National Title. When they played Ohio State, Watson looked more like Cam Newton than Newton did.

In the pros, Watson has been an absolute baller. In his rookie year, where he only played seven games, Watson threw for 19 touchdowns. The next year in 16 games he threw 26 touchdowns. This year, the man has thrown for 11 touchdowns and only one interception! Also, he’s completing almost 70 percent of his passes.

Watson is already an elite quarterback. Having weapons like DeAndre Hopkins and WIll Fuller IV helps his development, but Watson would be great even without these weapons. If the Texans can block a little more, Watson is going to be the MVP sooner rather than later.

Watson has been doing this for as long as anyone can remember. A bad quarterback can’t lead his college team to beat the great Alabama, especially not the year that Watson did. A bad quarterback can’t throw for almost 20 touchdowns in less than half a season. My point, Watson is not a bad quarterback. He’s elite.

Watson may be young, but he is going to be the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. Yes, that’s right. He’s going to be better than Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, John Elway, Dan Marino and whatever name at quarterback you want to put out there.

Watson has been giving back since his college days. He has a different perspective on life than most people. That perspective helps make him one of the most marketable guys in the NFL, right next to his teammate JJ Watts.

Watson has the arm (Note: you’re gonna want to see his arm) in his power and accuracy. He has the knowledge of the game (I put two here cause you gotta see this). He has the personality (Check out info on his new foundation here). He has the motivation. Like really, he finished his bachelor’s degree in three years. He’s still years away from his prime, and that should scare teams. Watson is the future of the NFL and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Jaren Hall

Hall will become the first Black-American quarterback to start a game for BYU when they take on the South Florida Bulls.

In what may be one of the most least surprising things, a BYU quarterback got hurt. Honestly, I feel bad for the school and players. Some great athletes have passed through there at that position. Sadly, they just can’t stay physically healthy while in college.

Now Jaren Hall is another great quarterback for BYU. He may back up Zach Wilson, but Hall is an athlete. He plays for the BYU Baseball team and was a good basketball player for Maple Mountain High School. He is also slated to become the first African-American quarterback to start in BYU history.

Hall is good, but he shouldn’t have had to be the first in an age where diversity should be one of the biggest concerns for any brand or sports team.

That’s what I actually find disturbing. How is it 2019 and BYU has never had a black quarterback? There are so many great players out there with amazing personalities and you’re telling me that not one of them could have been the best at BYU? I get the Steve Youngs, the Jim McMahons, the John Becks and the Ty Detmers. But I don’t really get the in betweens.

I don’t want to go on too long about this, but I hope this changes things for BYU in the future. The quarterback is the most marketable position for the school. Why not have some diversity in there.


I’m going to keep it pretty short this week. I know I said that the extra time allowed me to gather my thoughts more, but that’s also why I’m keeping this shorter. I’ve found that my thoughts are a little more organized when I keep these a little shorter.

So with that, let me know what you think. Watson is going to be the greatest of all time and I will stick with that. BYU needs a culture change and hopefully Jaren Hall can help make that happen.

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