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Mark Emmert is going to have his hands full. He needs to adjust to this law or risk losing his job.

The NCAA is in a heap of trouble now! California just passed SB 206, which will forbid any college in the state from punishing players who decide to hire agents or sell their name, image and/or likeness for endorsements starting in 2023.

I’m in huge favor of this bill. College athletes do get a form of payment with their scholarship, but their likeness is their’s. No one can take that from them and they shouldn’t have to sign that away just to play sports at a high level.

For this post, here are some times the NCAA has screwed over the student-athletes they claim to want to protect.

Yoeli Childs – BYU Basketball

BYU has been known to keep rules, and they did that here still. The NCAA is punishing a school they know won’t fight back for a simple mistake.

This is one of the most recent incidents. Childs put his name in the NBA Draft and hired an agent. Normally, players stay in the draft after this. Everyone thought Childs would stay in the draft after Dave Rose retired and BYU hired Mark Pope.

For whatever reason, Childs decided to come back to school. He payed back all of his expenses and went through every correct process to get back into the NCAA. Somehow the NCAA still said, ‘Oh, you want to keep being a student-athlete instead of professional? Well too bad. You can’t play the first nine games of the season.’ Honestly, it’s complete crap of what the NCAA is doing to Childs for going through the right process to get back and being honest about it instead of hiding everything.

Brock Hoffman – Virginia Tech

Hoffman was the most obvious case for the NCAA to give immediate eligibility to. Somehow, they screwed the pooch on this one.

Another recent screw up by the NCAA. Hoffman was playing at Coastal Carolina, a significantly less prestigious program than Virginia Tech, when his mother got sick with a non-cancerous brain tumor.

Apparently the NCAA doesn’t care about that. Hoffman appealed to the NCAA several times for a family hardship waiver. Basically a no-brainer right? WRONG! Hoffman made this tweet as to why the NCAA denied his appeals.

I feel for this family. A son wanting to take care of his mother while the mother wants him to live out his dream. The NCAA fell into a PR nightmare when they denied this case.

Five miles?! Really?!

She got better?! When I first heard that reasoning, I was f—g mad! (sorry for the almost expletive, but it makes my point)

An easy case to allow through, and the NCAA still screwed it up.

Donald De La Haye – UCF

De La Haye had a YouTube channel dedicated to making football a little more sarcastic. The NCAA didn’t like how he was creative and making money on advertisements like anyone would.

Maybe one of the dumbest moments for the NCAA. De La Haye played kicker at UCF after the Blake Bortles era and before the Scott Frost coaching era. His YouTube channel had a lot more wins than the program did, albeit that wasn’t too hard at the time.

With over 54,000 subscribers, De La Haye was entitled to make money from advertisements because of the views on his videos. The NCAA disagreed. Their logic was that he wasn’t creative and funny, he just had the followers because he played kicker on a college football team.

The NCAA gave him a choice, shut down the channel or stop playing football. He actually decided to just keep posting videos. There may have been a few people that followed him because he was a kicker, but the vast, vast majority were following him because the videos were creative and funny.

These videos were super good. The NCAA should have sanctioned themselves for forcing the kid to take down his account. Delete your own account NCAA.

Overall, the NCAA needs to get their head out of their ass. SB 206 is doing something good. That’s not saying there isn’t going to be hard times at first. But you can’t fix a problem if you don’t embrace it. The NCAA needs to realize this. Plus, you can’t force an adult into not selling their own name, image or likeness. It’s time for reform.

Let me know what instances I missed! The NCAA needs to change and I know there are so many more instances that they’ve done this crap to others. I wanna hear it!

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