The most presigous individual award in College Football; The Heisman Trophy

Sorry about last week all! Being a senior in college really takes up a lot of time. With both my jobs and staying caught up in homework, last week’s blog had to take a back seat. But I’m back this week. I only have one take this week, but it’s on a national level.

Joe Burrow Has the Numbers for a Heisman

Joe Burrow gets carried off after leading LSU to their first win over Alabama in eight years.
Joe Burrow lead LSU to a huge win over Alabama, but it still won’t win him the Heisman.

Let’s get one thing straight first, Joe Burrow is a baller. I saw him play against UCF last year in the Playstation Fiesta Bowl. He torched a very solid defense for almost 400 yards. He took a massive hit and came back to lead LSU to a statement win.

This year, it’s obvious that Burrow, Ed Orgeron and the rest of the Tigers’ team are on a mission. They want to prove themselves. So far this year, Burrow has thrown for 3,200 yards, 33 touchdowns and four picks all while completing close to 80 percent of his passes.

Burrow passing stats may be the most impressive in the nation. Sadly, he is not the biggest story line in the country this year.

It’s hard to argue with those stats. Those are stats that a Heisman Trophy canidate should have. Most quarterbacks can win the award with those stats. But sadly, Burrow lost the Heisman weeks ago.

The Real Winner Is….

It’s only fitting that the former Alabama quarterback beats out LSU QB Joe Burrow

The real winner of the 2019 Heisman Trophy is Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Jalen Hurts. Hurts transferred from Alabama this year and was able to play, and has had a season for the ages.

Hurts has already passed for 2,800 yards and 23 touchdowns. These numbers are far less superior than Burrow’s, but the rushing stats are what set Hurts apart from the rest of the field. He’s rushed for almost 900 yards on 125 attempts with 15 touchdowns. To add to the Heisman hype, Hurts has a lot more highlight reel, exciting plays than Burrow has.

Hurts has the stats, and the storyline, to be standing up on stage with some of college football’s biggest names.

To put more on Hurts’ case, he has a great storyline for a Heisman. Baker Mayfield had the walk-on story. Kyler Murry had the first round MLB Draft pick story. Even Lamar Jackson had the underdog story. This year, it’s all about Hurts’ transfer story after losing his job.

Hurts transferred to Oklahoma after losing his starting job at Alabama. Although Bama didn’t miss out, Oklahoma got the biggest blessing they could have asked for.

That won’t win Hurts the trophy, but it won’t hurt his case either. Hurts has proven that he gets the attention. He’s proven that he can have this hype. He’s also proven that he deserves the Heisman. I feel no shame in saying that Oklahoma is going to have three straight players win the prestigous trophy.


That’s all I’ve got this week. Things are still busy for me but I wanted to get this take on the record after the BIG LSU win.

Who do you guys think is going to win the Heisman this year? Burrow? Hurts? Tua? Lawerence? A Dark Horse canidate? Let me know in the social media comments!

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