Gerold Bright runs the ball in for a touchdown against Nevada.
The Aggie run game has been a savior this year for the offense. Jordan Love is great, but Bright and Warren have really saved the team in bad games.

Man, what a great week! Utah really stepped up this weekend against Arizona State. Plus, BYU did the unthinkable and upset Boise State! Talk about playing for your coach!

Since I skipped over Utah State and Southern Utah last week, I’ll focus on them this week.

Jordan Love Back In Aggie Blue

Jordan Love is the greatest QB in Utah State history (sorry Chuckie Keeton).
Love is supposed to be the best QB in the 2020 NFL Draft after Tua, but the 2021 Draft may be better suited for Love.

Utah State beat Nevada 36-10 over the weekend, but Jordan Love wasn’t really a big part of it. Love ended up going 13/31 for 169 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT. Not exactly great stats for the school’s best quarterback ever…

The run game has really saved the USU offense when Love has had bad games. Gerold Bright and Jaylen Warren have had huge games this year, and Love should be buying them Sizzler when they’re out of school.

Jordan Love looks to make a play during a home game.
Love is a great dual-threat QB, but he might have a little too much pressure on him this year.

Last year, Love looked like a sure first round talent. This year, it’s hard to tell if he’ll even get drafted in 2020. Right now, the best move for Love is to come back to Utah State for his senior year.

The difference between being picked in the first round and picked in the second round is huge in terms of money. Millions of dollars are lost just in the first round. For Love to not get drafted, that’s tens of millions of dollars in the first few years.

Jordan Love directs the offense.
Love has the talent around him to win, and the Aggie record shows it. But he needs a little less pressure this year.

Really, it could be that Love just has a lot of pressure on him this year. With Gary Anderson in his first year back on the Aggie sidelines, he came in with Love being the clear star. He lost some great talent, but it’s time Anderson realizes he has more than just Love. Bright and Warren are amazing backs. Savon Scarver is an amazing receiver/special teams returner. The defense is just stellar.

Put the pressure all around the team. This is a team unit and they can all handle it. With the recent Boise State loss, USU has a chance to represent the G5 conferences in a New Year’s Six Bowl Game. They can’t do it with just Love. They need everyone.

SUU is NOT a 1-7 Team

Chris Helbig looks for a hole to run the ball against UC Davis.
SUU’s record may say 1-7, but sometimes a record doesn’t show to true side to a team.

SUU lost another heartbreaker, this time to UC Davis 25-33. The first half was miserable, but take that away, SUU won the game.

First off, Chris Helbig really is a special talent. How this guy didn’t get an offer out of high school and why Colorado wanted him to play defense gets me. The amount of plays he kept alive was incredible. He ended up going 29/44 for 313 yards and 1 INT. He may not have had a touchdown pass, but he set up the rest of them for Jay Green Jr. and Lance Lawson.

Helbig gets hit against UC Davis.
Helbig is good, it’s just too bad that SUU hasn’t been able to catch a break

Second, the defense is very different than last year. If they can find a way to start off a game well (and stay consistent) instead of getting it together later in the game, this team has wins against Cal Poly, UC Davis and quite possibly Weber State.

SUU is a good team, and next year they’ll be a lot better. It’s like UC Davis head coach Dan Hawkins said, there is usually someone at the bottom of the conference that ends up being at the top and someone on top who ends up on the bottom.

Helbig celebrates as his team makes a play.
SUU should have a record next year that actually reflects their talent. Head coach Demario Warren said these guys put in a lot of work, and knowing Warren, he’s more than right.

If Thunderbird fans can get through this year, the next couple of years should be good. Plus, people need to remember that the Big Sky Conference is one of the best in the nation for FCS Football. There is almost always one or two teams in the top five.


What do you guys think? Is Jordan Love best suited for another year in Aggie blue? Is SUU really better than their 1-7 record shows? Let me know in the comments, and that includes social media comments!

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