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Antonio Brown proved that he is a cancer to his team. It started with Le'Veon Bell and has trickled its way down.
Antonio Brown participates in an Oakland Raiders practice

Man, what a week of football… again! This week I’ve got 2 games this week with a take on and some news, which I’m sure everyone can guess what it is based on what has been happening over the last week.

Enough small talk though..


BYU vs Tennessee

BYU has a habit of keeping the game close and then showing up to somehow win in the final moments. Cardiac Cougs lives on, but that's not always a good thing.
BYU Receiver Micah Simon (13) runs downfield in the 4th quarter against Tenn. Simon finished the game with 7 catches for 127 yards

Easily the most exciting game in the state of Utah over the weekend. BYU was coming off a loss to rival Utah (again), while the Vols were coming off a shocking and embarrassing loss to Georgia State. BYU ended up winning this game 29-26 in double overtime.

As great as this game was, it also showed why both teams are not that good this year. Tennessee has a lot of potential, but they’re still trying to prove they belong in the SEC. Their quarterback was throwing the ball way late on almost every throw. The Vols had so many chances to pull away, but Jarrett Guarantano either went through his progessions too slow, or was so scared of making a mistake that it caused him to only make them.

BYU proved they can fight with Power 5 teams, but does it really mean much when the Power 5 team they play doesn't have much power?
Talon Shumway (21) celebrates as Ty’Son Williams crosses the goal line for the Game-WInning Touchdown vs Tennessee

Also, the Vols defense is really young and really awful. In their own stadium they had numerous communication issues. Head coach Jeremy Pruitt eventually had enough of the crap that he had all 11 of his guys looking toward the sidelines for the defensive play call. BYU took advantage later on, which ended up costing the Vols.

BYU, on the otherhand, did what they have been known for the last few year; not make a play until the end. Zach Wilson finding Micah Simon with a few seconds left in the game was pure luck because that young Vol defense had the biggest hiccup of the night when they should’ve held their breath.

The last point I’ll make on this game: give the ball to Ty’Son Williams! That man is a straight up beast! Williams had a truck-stick that earned him respect from a Vols’ player. The last play of the game solidfied the respect. As much help as Williams had from his lineman, he powered his way through that pile. If he doesn’t get over 1,000 yards on the ground this season, it’s time to get a new running backs coach… again.

BYU Cougars vs Tennessee Volunteers Highlights

BYU has a lot of potential. Kalani Sitake is a fantastic coach and his reactions during the game prove how invested he is in the program and his guys. They’re even invested in him. Sitake deserves a contract extension purely for what he’s done for the brand of BYU. Once they can actually figure out how to build around Wilson for the next two years, they’ll be scary.


SUU Football's defense continues to struggle this season, but has still made a drastic improvement from how they looked last season.
Southern Utah Thunderbirds vs Northern Iowa Panthers

Not really too much to say about this game. SUU Football went into Cedar Falls coming off a huge, possibly expected, loss to UNLV, while the Panthers were coming off a triple overtime game against FBS ranked Iowa State. The Panthers dominated the game as they won 34-14.

UNI proved that they are a force in the FCS last week. A win for SUU would have been a complete upset. Plus, SUU has the 12th toughest schedule in the FCS, playing five playoff teams from last year, four of which are ranked in the top 25, and a much improved FBS opponent. The Thunderbirds have a really steep up-hill climb ahead of them.

It’s not time to panic yet for T-Bird fans. Helbig is still coming off an injury that is not easy for quarterbacks to come back from. His groove is going to be off for the first couple of games. I wouldn’t be worried about him unless he can’t find his groove this week against Stephen F. Austin.



Jon Gruden has lost control of his team. Antonio Brown should have never been able to play him the way he did.
Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden and former receiver Antonio Brown

This was a full week of news in itself… literally. This actually took up an entire week of a news cycle. As a Steelers fan, this has both good and bad connotations to it. The good, the Steelers got a third and fifth round pick for Brown from the Oaklad Raiders. The bad, after Oaklad released him, or were forced to release him after Brown’s tirade, he signed with New England. I think Big Ben said it best…

Twitter provides the best description to this news

Honestly though, Brown needs to grow up. It doesn’t matter if you make 15 million in a year. You are part of a team and you need to act like it. Obviously, Brown was important to the Steelers. But that doesn’t excuse his attitude. Brown may end up driving himself out of a league that heavily favors “owner” control over teams. Brown is a once-in-a-generation talent. It’s time for him to actually be an example.


That’s all for this week. Be sure to leave a comment below about all this. I’ve got a lot of stuff to say, but wanted to keep this a little shorter.

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  1. The Tennessee win definitely should have landed Sitake a extension, but I think the “short leash” that he had at the beginning of the season is just getting a little longer. Losing to Utah has really hurt him in terms of getting that extension. With the win over 2 power 5 teams that will really help with him getting an extension.


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